James Westley Essary

Producer, mixer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist

Abby Powledge
help me see myself
Producer, engineer, mixing engineer, synth
Mickey Rose
Songwriter, producer, engineer, mixing, arranger, string arranger, piano, guitar, synth, bass
Walker Lukens
Accessible Beauty
Guitar, keys
The Song Confessional & Alesia Lani
Fool For You
Songwriter, guitar, rhodes, synth, bass
The Song Confessional & !!!
All I Wanted Was a Photograph
Griffin Robillard
Statistically Speaking
String arranger, string engineer
CoCo Zandi
Be Mine
String arranger
Otis Wilkins
Engineer, mixing engineer, piano
Walker Lukens
Red Headed Strangers
Producer, engineer, mixing engineer, keyboards, guitar
Kat Edmonson
Where I Am
Keyboardist, Arranger
US Weekly
Producer, engineer, mixing engineer
Harmony Byrne
Heavy Doors
Guitar, keyboards, bass
Marc Ferrino
Girls Girls Pearls
Producer, arranger, engineer, mixing engineer, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards
Lady & West
Producer, engineer, mixing engineer, string arranger
I Wanna Know
Arranger, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Bass
Not as Clever as You Think
Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Rachel Mallon and the Wild Type
Not Tonight Josephine
Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Otis Wilkins
Shaker #42
Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Bass, Keyboards
Otis Wilkins
Joni Mitchell Was Punk
Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Walker Lukens
Guitar, Keyboards, String Arranger
Harmony Bryne
Loving You Is Lonely
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Lee Ann Womack
The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone
Assistant Engineer
Marc Ferrino
Like A Spark
Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards
Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards
Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards
Tameca Jones
Are You Awake
Engineer, Keyboards
Dawn And Dupree
California Worryin'
String Arranger
Candice Gordon
The Kids Are Alt Right
Candice Gordon
Organ, Mixing Engineer, Engineer
The Beans
The Beans Breakup
Synth, Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Ashlynn Ivy
Hearts For Breakfast
Horn Arranger, String Arranger, Keyboards
Adam Bricks
Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Keyboards
Strategies Against Gravity
Producer, Engineer, Mixing Engineer
The Caldwell
Modern Love
Producer, Arranger, Songwriter, Guitar, Keys, Horn Arranger